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CACF Full logo with a green tree icon and stacked words Chico Arts & Culture Foundattion
Thank You for 
your Donations and Applications!

We love being able to support our community! 

We see Chico as a place where the arts are a valued component of everyday life, a significant force in a thriving economy, and a place for Chicoans to express their creative impulses and experience beauty; we see the soul of our community reflected in its visual arts, music. Your support is vital!


The mission of the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation is to generate resources in support of the city of Chico arts programs.


CACF programs include Downtown Art Tours, Youth Mini-Grants and
Art Mentor workshops with the Chico Boys and Girls Club. We are working on a Virtual Tour (Coming Soon!) and an upcoming collaboration with Chico Reuse in 2024.


Explore and learn more about what's behind the public art on view 24-7 throughout Chico.

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