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View photos and details of public art installations in downtown and around Chico.


Learn more about the public art in Chico with narrated videos. 

More coming soon!


walking tour

Download a PDF of the Downtown Art Benches and Pedestal Art Seat Project and use the walking map.

Public Arts Program

As you wander around downtown and the wider area of Chico, you'll come across a variety of vibrant and eye-catching artworks such as colorful murals, shining sculptures, tiled benches, water fountains, and other art installations. These pieces not only beautify our sidewalks, alleys, building walls, and parks, but also help to cultivate a lively and inclusive community.


The following is a non-exhaustive inventory of outdoor public art in and around downtown, which has been funded by both public and private sources.


During the summer, CACF offers free Downtown Chico Public Art Tours. Be sure to download the Walking Map to lead your own tour of the Art Benches and Pedestal Art Seat Project.

Looking for more information on Chico's murals? Many of our murals are painted on private property and not fully funded by the city. We are currently adding murals to our inventory. If you are a mural artist in town or know all about your favorites, feel free to Contact us and let us know so we can include the correct information!

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