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Diamond Alley Arches

Kathleen Nartuhi, David Barta


Between Salem Street Parking Structure and Hotel Diamond

"Diamond Alley" is a pedestrian walkway located in Chico, California, created as a result of the construction of a parking structure on Salem Street. The alley is situated between Hotel Diamond and the parking structure. It was named after a request made by former Mayor Mary Andrews and was given a special touch by the City of Chico Arts Commission by adding an archway and decorating the pillars with tiles created by school children. Artist Kathleen Nartuhi involved local students in the project by providing them with a tile kit, which they used to create 5,000 diamond-shaped tiles. The project was funded by the state Redevelopment Agency Funds and is considered one of the largest child-involved projects in the city's art collection.

Find it:


220 W 4th St, Chico, CA 95928

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