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Gail Clickner

Fundraising Committee

Gail grew up in Southern California with parents who were educators. She graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara where she met her husband. She lived in Chicago for a number of years but has resided primarily in Northern California, retiring to Chico with her husband in 2008. Along with CACF, Gail volunteers with the Democratic Action Club of Chico, feels lucky to be married to a fabulous cook, and enjoys her red cat named Red Cat (RC for short) and a little smoosh-nose dog named Fionna.


When Gail retired, she had had a long career in education, teaching many different grade levels and working in the publishing field that specialized in educational materials. While in the classroom, her students had quantifiably-better results when art projects and activities were integrated into their regular lessons. She found that students had much higher retention of any given curriculum when it included an arts component.


Gail has been on the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation Board since 2018.


 “I loved teaching art to students. Through that experience I recognized the value of art and creativity in opening minds and solving problems. I am at a loss as to why the arts continue to be so under-supported and am glad to be helping however I can.”

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